Howdy, all you sandwich lovers. Sure, you love sandwiches. But you also like to interact with sandwiches, right? Well, PennWich is going all shiny social-media on you guys. Here’s how you can spread the word and get something back:


First, if you would direct your attention to the end of any given post, you’ll notice a badge that shows a spoon and some statistics. Curious? I don’t blame you. That’s what the folks over at Urbanspoon call a “Spoonback”. I put that at the end of my post, and it can take anybody who decides to click on it (don’t feel pressured) to the Urbanspoon page of whatever restaurant I’m talking about. Each page shows customer reviews, official reviews in press, the address, phone number, etc. It’s quite helpful, and it gets both PennWich and the restaurant more exposure. So spread the love!

(Credit where credit is due: thanks a TON to the folks over at the Carson Street Deli, especially Mike, who was extremely helpful in the whole Urbanspoon process. Thanks, Mike!)

Head on over to view the PennWich Urbanspoon page (and help move the site up in the Pittsburgh Blog Leaderboard.) Thanks!


Also, PennWich has joined the social media world with a Facebook page. I decided that if I ever approached 1000 pageviews I’d create one. Well, roughly four months out from the beginning of PennWich, we did! So thanks a ton for showing your love of Pennsylvania and sandwiches! You can “like” us on Facebook over at the official PennWich on Facebook page (it’s getting there).


So yeah. That’s about it. I’m always trying to make PennWich more friendly for the reader and at the same time spread the word about this site. The people of Pennsylvania must be sandwich-informed! Let’s make sure that happens.

Thanks for reading.


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