About PennWich

PittWich started in late February of 2011 out of necessity: Editor-in-Chief Adam Hermann was a junior in high school and had to do a graduation project for school. Seeing as he’s quite a fan of sandwiches AND of writing, he figured that a sandwich blog of the great city of Pittsburgh would be a perfect way to fit two passions into one vehicle.

After a whole year spent under the moniker of PittWich, the blog’s name was transitioned to PennWich due to Adam’s impending move to the opposite side of Pennsylvania to attend Drexel University in September of 2012. Seeing as there are a number of delicious sandwiches in Philadelphia, and not wanting to squander the work that had already been put into the Pittsburgh section, Adam renamed the blog PennWich so as to accommodate both sides of PA.

Contacting PennWich:

Email: pittwich@gmail.com

Twitter: @AdamWHermann

Facebook: PennWich on Facebook

PittWich Pittsburgh restaurants

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