Burgh’s “Curtiss”

The folks at Burgh's didn't skimp. On anything.

My uncle has always had a soft spot for this place called Burgh’s Pizza & Wing Pub over in Bridgeville, so I thought a lunch trip out to the great Burgh’s would be a good idea.. Their wings and pizzas have always been high quality stuff, and so I figured, being a good pub, they’ll probably have great sandwiches too. I was right.

Their menu is staggeringly gigantic, so if you’re paralyzed by choice, my quick recommendation is to close the menu, take a deep breath, and then order the “Curtiss”. As soon as I read the description, there was no question: I had to try this thing. Made up of “grilled Boar’s Head pastrami with fried egg, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Burgh’s sauce on Italian bread”, you could, if you wanted to, classify the Curtiss as a breakfast sandwich. A really, really, really lunch-y version of a breakfast sandwich, but a breakfast sandwich nonetheless: it’s got the meat, egg and cheese trio down, and then as long as you don’t mind veggies and a very un-breakfast like sauce, I could definitely order this at 7 AM. That’d be a breakfast of champions.

To start, let’s talk about the heart of the ‘wich: the pastrami+egg+provolone. Oh baby. The pastrami was literally spilling from the sandwich, so naturally I tried some by itself (as one always should) and the salty grilled character on this stuff is just ridiculous. It’s got that delicious grilled taste where you can almost taste a char, but in a good way. And then you pair the salt from the pastrami with a perfectly fried egg, where the mild taste and eggy consistency perfectly counterbalance the meat, to make one of the better sandwich fillers out there. Of course, what would any filler be without cheese? Seeing as it’s only provolone, the flavor content isn’t the key in adding the cheese, but rather the melty consistency and the warmth brought by the provolone give the ‘wich more character and texture.

Then there’s the rest, which packs a couple of surprise all-stars. You of course have the classic one-two punch of the lettuce and tomato, giving the ‘wich their trademark freshness and crispness so as to make sure the sandwich doesn’t delve too deep into the hearty, meaty category to the point where it becomes overwhelming.

And so we’re left with the “Burgh’s sauce” and the italian bread. I’ll start with the Burgh’s sauce, which really made the entire sandwich with me. Normally, you can get by with a meat+egg+cheese trio because the three go really well together, but these are three very similar flavor profiles: they all have that flavor characteristic that I define as comforting, like soul food or something that you have on a cold winter day. What these breakfast-style sandwiches often lack is a contrasting sauce; something with bite, or with spice, or with anything that can break up the salty goodness. Burgh’s sauce does just that: it’s got a really great dijon/spicy mustard taste and kick to it, with a little something extra in the flavor department that I couldn’t quite place (if anybody tries it and can tell, please let me know!) The point of the sauce is to come from left field and give the sandwich something that most others don’t have, and the Burgh’s sauce absolutely nails it. And the fresh Italian bread is a great idea as well; this sandwich screams “deli food”, so putting it on great deli-style italian bread makes it feel authentic, and the flavor of Burgh’s bread is great.

If you can’t tell, I was extremely impressed by this ‘wich. I didn’t think it’d be a run-of-the-mill ordeal, but I didn’t expect one of the most inventive and well-constructed sandwiches in my repertoire. This is one I’ll definitely have to revisit… we’ll call it further research.

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